Where have you been, Haydn?

It’s been a while now since posting my latest work here on my website. Its a combination of reasons that lead to me not actively presenting my work but now that my laptop is back and repaired I can start to come back to talking about my endeavours.

I have been working with a different media for a while to try and create 3D work that has the same presence as my paintings (That and making monster in 3D is incredibly fun). Clay is not something I have used before and it has taken some getting used to. It is coming together slowly and I want to do a big blog post on each piece and the inspirations I had for each of them.

My concentration has been on a project I can’t unveil just yet but should be able to soon once its confirmed. I have also got myself a stall at this winters comic con in Birmingham selling my prints and original work while sharing the stall with my Girlfriend who will also be selling an assortment of work. Details will be posted about the dates and the work I will be bringing but it means the upcoming few months are going to be busy with preparations.

Being busy is a good thing but it means I have had to sacrifice time to update my online presence and allow myself enough time to power down (especially since what happened last time I over worked myself). Hopefully now I can work on a balance again now that I can concentrate on a clear goal.

The future of MessyMiscreation is looking positive and it honestly feels great.

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