Comic Con Birmingham 2016

I want to say a huge thank you to anybody reading this who picked up a business card, leaflet or even bought some of my artwork over Birmingham Comic Con this past weekend. The support has been really great and I am set on coming back for March’s Con.

If there was a print you saw at my table and it isn’t on the store that is because it hasn’t yet been made available. I have a few new prints that had been on sale for the first time and had not yet made it online for purchase. This will be sorted out on Thursday as I will be able to take the time to photograph everything and make it all presentable. A set amount of originals will also be put online so keep an eye out for them.

The Diddy prints had been reduced to £5 for Comic Con and have been put back online now and will remain that price leading up for Christmas if you fancy buying somebody a small A5 monster to keep them company. The 4 designs not yet on the store will be added Thursday.

I wanted to thank everyone for the support because Comic Con was never going to be easy because of being on the autistic spectrum. I managed to push through and talk to as many people as I could and that was made possible thanks to my supportive girlfriend who came all the way from Manchester to stand beside me. It was an amazing experience to be part of even in its taken me out of action for a few days to recover. Thank you to everyone who listened to my story and took the time to come and ask me questions about my work. It is always exciting to get to talk about my artwork and its themes.Hopefully I got the word out about my artwork and I can move to the next challenge of the year.


Keep an eye out for exciting things to come!


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