Bright Friday!

Over the pond here in grey England we don’t celebrate thanks giving but over the years we have begun taking the traditions of the sales that follow on Black Friday.

Thanks Giving is a time for people to be thankful for what they have which is something us miserable brits don’t do very often. This is why I am also having a event but I have called it Bright Friday! This is a thanks for the constant support I have had during this year from friends, family and everyone I have met to help start my dream of being a professional artist. Now that 2016 is coming to  a close it is apparent that I have come a long way this year and I want to at least celebrate it in a wacky and strange way.

On Friday the 25th of November every sized print you buy will get you a random free Diddy print with it! A Diddy Print purchase will get you a single random print for free, A A4 print will get you two random diddy prints and A3 will get you three random diddy prints!

On top of this any purchase of an original will get you a full set of Diddy Prints [All 8 designs] along with some extra goodies I have on offer.

Why not make your Black Friday a little brighter with some brightly coloured prints from the MessyMiscreation store only available for the 25th of November!



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