Artistic Spectrum Exhibition [London in February]

February has been a really hectic month. During these past two weeks I have had my work exhibited at Wolverhampton at the Asylum Gallery alongside the artist Ellis Sykes where we presented our work based upon mental health. This week I brought my work down from Birmingham to London (on the train too) to be able to have my work as part of Ambitious About Autism’s Artistic Spectrum exhibition.

This show hosts a range of work from artists with autism that includes a selection of over 20 artists. On the 16th of Feb [2017] was the opening night and I managed to have some great conversations about my work and met some amazing people who were exhibiting their work.

My work at the venue is for sale currently and is also on my online store for anyone who wanted to purchase the originals through my online store rather than at the show itself. The piece itself will be sent out via courier once the exhibition has finished and the work has been returned to me. Alternatively the work can be purchased at the gallery and it will be organised through the staff on collecting the work once the show is over.

Online store link:

I want to say a big thank you to Ambitious About Autism for making this possible and another big thank you to Eleanor Crawshaw who made it a reality.


I plan on getting a section on my site devoted to previous exhibitions once I have the photographs come through and sorted out. I also will be posting a piece about Ellis Sykes and my exhibition at the Asylum this weekend.



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