Raising money for the National Autistic Society!

Autism Awareness Week is swiftly approaching and along with a series of blog posts I will be raising money for National Autistic Society through my online art store.

The NAS is the leading UK charity for autistic people and do wonderful work for many individuals on the spectrum, including myself. They have given me many opportunities over the last year to sell and expose my work along with hosting my first solo show at the 50E Gallery in Leicester. I wanted to be able to give something back for not just the hard work they have done for me but to support everything that they do.

Exhibition at the 50E Gallery hosted by the National Autistic Society

Starting from the 7th of March through to the 2nd of April I will be giving a percentage of my earnings from my online art store directly to the NAS. 15% from prints and 20% from originals will go directly to the charity as a massive thanks for all their hard work.

The money raised will not only help the National Autistic Society but will also help to support my artwork and help me to continue to create more work. In a year I have managed to make leaps forward in progress with Messy Miscreation and it is thanks to places like the NAS that give artists on the spectrum a chance to get their work out into the world and be able to make these dreams a reality.

My online store hosts a range of prints and originals discussing my journey with mental health and my relationship with ASD. The work is a way for me to talk about that side of my life and to hopefully help others to be open about their own mental health. The work I create is not only helping me but I have found a way to help others too.


The link above is to my online store, I have left over work from previous exhibitions that will also be added to any of the early orders.

The link below is to the NAS website where you can find out more about the great work that they do:


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