Patrisha: Developing my paintings [Autism Awareness Week]

Earlier in the week I talked about a painting I had shared across social media numerous times but I never posted about it on my website. It was a painting I planned on video recording the creative process where I showed the various steps in creating one of my paintings while using a newer technique I had developed over January 2017. The painting eventually got named Patrisha and I should have really been prouder of what I had created, especially the video piece but for whatever reason I wasn’t.

It was around the time I had begun receiving CBT therapy and my head was often a battle ground between my “normal” way of thinking and the new “positive” thoughts were designed to at least challenge my negative way of thinking. Patrisha was product of those thoughts and difficulties so I became aware of the weird relationship I had developed with this painting.

The reason I produced her in the first place was because for majority of 2016 I had my creative process that I adjusted occasionally and would strive to improve on. My drawings however had improved greatly during Inktober where I created a drawing for each day of October and I began to experiment. I merged my two techniques together to try and create something new from them that included both the ink shading/drawing and the vibrant colours of my paintings.

The product of these experiments lead to a painting I gave to my parents for Christmas to replace a painting that has been hung in the hallway for years.DSC_3447

The base of the painting was made from wood where I used the same sort of spray paint as I use for my sculptures to make a white backdrop. I then painted my usual spontaneous coloured mess and allowed it to dry before using fine liners to draw in the black and white areas. The result was different to my previous work but I saw it as a starting point for it to evolve.

The video below is the video I filmed while making Patrisha which was edited together by my sister (for which I am really grateful) It shows the highlighted sections of how I composed the image and blending colours together.

The final video was compiled from around five hours of footage although the entire painting took around fifty hours to complete. I followed a similar process to the work I did over Christmas while using techniques that are familiar to my previous work. Patrisha may have been a awkward painting at the time of her creation but upon looking back its pleasing that I can adjust my work when I used to be so rigid with my subject matter.

My work progresses the best when I allow myself to play with new materials and have the chance to include new ways of working. The progression was most noticeable when she was part of my joint exhibition in Wolverhampton’s Asylum Gallery where Patrisha was alongside work that had been made in 2016. You could distinguish the sophistication of the colour palette compared to my previous work while the paintings surface allowed me to into much finer detail.

Patrisha also lead me to revisit some older work I made during university where I worked over a painting especially for Autism Awareness Week. This painting is online for purchase with 50% of the earnings going straight to the National Autistic Society to help raise awareness.

The painting can be found here:



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