Hand Painted Frames now in store!


Hand painted frames are now available in the MessyMiscreation store in both A5 and A4. This gives you the option to frame a print from my store or if you really want to, frame that photograph of that cute dog, you know the one. Either way, why not bring some colour to your walls with your own hand painted frame?

A5 Frames are £15 and A4 frames are £25 and will be available for a limited time while I have the time to produce them. Each frame will be painted individually by myself and you can even choose the colours that you want. When selecting your print make sure to then visit the frame option and purchase one with your order. In the checkout process there is a note section so if you have a colour preference do let me know.

The store has recently been upgraded to allow across the pond shipping (or international as everyone else says) and with Paypal payments available you can pay in your currency.


AngleFlatfuck u jerryStack

I got the idea when I recently returned to a painting I created back in University for Autism Awareness Week and it’s frame got me thinking. During its creation it had a painted frame which didn’t go very well. The inks didn’t sit well on the material and wore away after only a few days. Since then my technique has improved greatly.

This lead me to practice with various techniques until I could get the finish I wanted on these finished products. The final product is sealed with varnish so that the ink will need stain or leave any residue in your home (They are fully housed trained)

Why not check out my other work available in my store also? You might just find something you like:


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