The stories behind the monsters

When I was younger I used to do a fair amount of creative writing. I used wonder up and down the landing as a small child imaging these large universes and they were my friends. As I got older I played around more with song lyrics and got a little more emotional in my writing. I began to drift away from that side of things when I went on to study art.

For a long time now I wanted to add something to my work that was able to tell the story behind each painting that wasn’t just a factual piece of writing. Last year I started a spotlight series for my paintings where I discussed it’s themes and how it was made but it didn’t feel like I got my message across to the reader.

As time has gone on my work has become a visual diary entry that tells a tale of my mental health at that time. It might not always be me but it may be from someone else’s view on their mental state. When I look at these paintings and I remember what was happening in my life at the time of it’s creation.

In April I began writing a creative piece that told the story of Timothy back when I had such bad anxiety I would wake up in the night with hot sweats. I wrote a story that portrayed the emotions I went through around the time I painted Timothy and without any explanation I posted it to my blog named Timothy’s story. I followed the theme by writing pieces for the four original prints I had made last year.

Derek was about my IBS and when it was at its worst and the emotions I felt during those times. Mary was about a conversation I had with a fellow student at university that took a keen interest in my work and talked to me about her insomnia and night terrors. At the time I had been experiencing paranoia and the two themes linked to make Mary. Harold’s story was about the awful relationship I had with energy drinks in University and how it was destroying my body. Even after having a tooth removed in the knowledge it was probably the drinks fault my addiction continued and I still drank them. Since then I have kicked the addiction and moved away from relying on them.

These small extracts from my life perfectly told the stories in a way I had wanted to without having to explain them directly to the public. As creative pieces they best describe the emotions behind the paintings and I want to continue this theme for future works. I will be moving forward by writing pieces for my current work but in the future I’m looking to create them alongside the painting in creation process.

It’s nearly a year since the online store was opened so I’m considering the best way to celebrate that milestone. You can follow my blog and get notifications upon any posts here simply by pressing the follow button to keep up to date with any stories and events.

The MessyMiscreation store:


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