We made £244 for Mind!

It goes to show what a willing group of artists and one crazy big eared man can do for charity. It was only a month ago I came up with the idea to host a art sale to raise money for charity. I posted on social media seeking artists that would be willing to help raise money for mental health week and in less than a week I had those who would be joining me on my quest.

My personal mental health has been something I have worked hard on for the past eight years and it’s fair to say it means a lot to me. As a person I always look to help people with the thought I don’t want them to feel what it is I feel. During my journey I have met so many amazing people who also want to help make a difference to those affected by these day to day struggles.

I’m proud of the group of artists that helped make this possible. We raised £244.02 in just three weeks by selling our artwork. It was always going to be a ambitious project, especially from the stand point that I have a small following as an artist so far. Despite this, it didn’t hold us back.

I wanted to take a moment to highlight the work of artists that got involved since they invested their time and practice for Piece of Mind. If you have the time please have a look through all these guys work. They are the real heroes of this project because without them it would be just me trying to make a difference. Together we can bring people some peace of mind.


Ellis Sykes:


In February 2017 Ellis and I hosted an exhibition in Wolverhampton in aid of Mind. Her work discusses mental health with the use of colourful portraiture that talks about the stigmas surrounding mental health struggles. Her unique and engaging work really expresses her relationship with the subject and I was really excited to work with her again.

You can find her website at: http://www.ellissykes.com/about.html

Kyle Morgan:


I first met Kyle at university and was instantly captivated by his drawing abilities. He takes the traditional tattoo style and re-invented it to be his own. The combination of pop culture and traditional tattoo illustration has a playful but technical feeling that I can’t help but love. Being so many influential artists really changes your practice and I’m happy to say Kyle has gone on to own his own tattoo studio.

you can find his work at: https://www.facebook.com/KMorganArt/



I hope that one day I get to meet Six1Six. He contacted me after seeing my artwork in Shoreditch as part of the Artistic Spectrum and I was swiftly drawn in by his work. His work is influenced by street art but contains tribal styled patterns that stands out from the crowd. The use of found materials also means everything he creates is different while holding that recognisable flare. I have been particularly been enjoying his drawings over the top of photographs as it is something iv’e been thinking about.

You can find his work at: https://www.instagram.com/six1six/

Heather Williamson:


I met Heather during university where I distinctly remember saying she just wanted to draw dragons. She currently studying her masters in concept art and is sublime at fantasy design. Heather also has been developing a lets play channel and has incorporated that alongside her art as she does live streams of her digital paintings so you can see her creative process. Iv’e always been drawn in by her ability to create strange and compelling alien landscapes that I just wish I could visit.

Find Heather’s work at: https://www.facebook.com/ArtbyGernzy/

Beth Dartnell:


Bethany and I never spoke a whole lot during University but I always appreciated her passion for painting the buildings of Birmingham. She had such an enthusiasm for the city that you couldn’t help but listen to her excitement. Her work links the connection between psychology and geography [making the fantastic word “Psycho-geography”] as she fell in love with the more forgotten side of Birmingham.

You can find her work at: https://www.facebook.com/bethdartnellartist/

Steven Maye:


Steven is currently studying Illustration at university and has been developing his own comic by the name of Luna. I’ve been a fan of Steven’s work for years and it has been great to see it develop into the refined and distinguished style it is today. As an artist that works with doodling and patterns I really enjoy other drawing styles and Steven’s work is raw and expressive scratchy style. He takes influence from Sci Fi culture and develops his own characters and brings them to life with his unique flare.

You can find Steven’s work at: https://www.behance.net/Stax_Maye

Tommy Human:


Last but certainly not least is the artist Tommy Human. Tommy contacted me via advertising my search for willing artists and was delighted with what I found. His work is incredibly playful (and a little cheeky) and there is no way you can look at his work without smiling. Tommy spreads a positive message with his art with his bright colours and quirky drawing style and I can’t help but love it.

You can find his work at: http://www.tommyhuman.com/


Please go and give these guys some love! They are all incredibly generous people that dedicated their time and this is the least I can do as a thank you.

Thank you to all the support and sharing that happened during the event and who knows? We might see you again next year…

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