Autistic Adults, I’m seeking your input on an art project [Concluded]


****This project has now concluded, keep an eye on Messy Miscreation to see the outcome***

***This projects collaboration deadline has been extended until October the 15th 2017***

**Warning: This artist brief is a proposal to create artwork using a mixture of typography and my own painting style. This will include sensitive and potentially upsetting terms but the point is to raise awareness to the harm it can cause rather then furthering it. If you are comfortable with discussing mental health on the autistic spectrum then please continue. Thank you**

Over a year ago I created a collaborative project I called “Not my Problem” where I created artwork based upon images sent in by followers and friends on social media.

As many of you know I’m an autistic artist that creates work based upon our relationship with mental health and I want to start another collaborative project this year with a focus on people’s experiences on the autistic spectrum.

I have recently been aware of social media activity as of late and how people’s words hold a strong impact on autistic adults, including myself. These words can bury themselves into our heads until the pretend to be beliefs. Unfortunately this is often played off as being overly sensitive or the term “special snowflake” is thrown around but in reality it comes down to how we process information. The modern world makes it all that easier for people to pass on their opinions and that barrage of information can be overwhelming.

This has got me thinking of others on the spectrum I know who hold a statement to themselves no matter how nasty or malicious. I personally have been called “useless” on countless occasions and was a word that came up in my CBT a lot. I’m willing to be open about that statement because I believe it’s part of the process of getting better to not hold onto them. I was also referred as being pedantic in my autism diagnosis and I still cut my enthusiasm short worrying it is irritating to others.

The Brief

What I’m looking for are others on the spectrum who have these statements to share to be included in a series of paintings. This will be an anonymous system using the app “Sarahah” which allows you to post a statement and I won’t know who sent it but your words will be included in a collection of perspex paintings.

The typography [fancy art word for art using words] will be included in my paintings using print transfer onto partially dried inks meaning it will be part of the monsters I create. This represents a monster that grows fatter each time its fed one of these statements making it appear bigger and overbearing. It will create a visual of the harm these words can create and how they manifest themselves in our minds.

The inclusion of others on the spectrum’s own statements in this project is far more powerful than just my own and creates a platform for discussion about mental health on the autistic spectrum. One of the biggest issues I see is the lack of the inclusion of autistic adults when talking about the spectrum. I want these paintings to be something that can tell a story of many experiences to build something new from these otherwise negative emotions as I have before with previous projects.

I believe this could be a positive project for me to pursue but it won’t be possible without the inclusion of your statements. I will post the link to my Sarahah profile below and you either leave art feedback or you can leave a statement for this project. Keep the statement a single sentence and leave the hashtag #Collab so I know its for this project. I will keep social media updated and will eventually close the entries so that I don’t end up swamped.

***The call for submissions has now been closed****


You can find my latest post here:

This post is about why this is important to me.


Thank you,

Haydn Gardner

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