What’s my plan?

I recently asked for responses from the autistic online community for a future project about mental health on the spectrum. My original plan was to have this project start up in September and then have it completed and ready to show by October. Since the idea was put into place other opportunities have come up that would allow this project to get more exposure and reach a wider audience.

I can’t yet discuss the final details but it means this collaboration project will be delayed for the time being until dates can be finalised. I’m incredibly eager to start this project but I know that this will eventually work out for the better and hold an even stronger message than if it was just on social media.

In the meantime I will be working on a few smaller paintings and experiments in preparation while I finishing moving into my new home (which still isn’t finished but that is a different story). I currently have a total of 70 responses which gives me enough to make 7 paintings. Now that I have more time I will be re-opening the call for submissions for another month [15th of October] so that I can create even more work from the responses. This could become my greatest project to date with your help.

The link below is returning back to my original post where I asked for statements about autistic adults mental health. If you want to submit a response you have until October the 15th to get them in.


Thank you for all the continued support on all platforms of social media. Its because of you that this project could even happen.

Want to help fund this project? I currently have sale on my online store at: http://messymiscreation.bigcartel.com/ with 25% off everything and free postage on all prints to celebrate my Birthday. The money made on the store goes back into creating new artwork and progressing onto new projects.

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