Inktober 2017!

Last year I discovered a lovely little annual event that artists called Inktober and being an artist who works primarily in ink, I wanted in. For each day of October I posted an A5 drawing which ended up being a mistake because I was working in a very detailed style and would eat up most of my days to create them. This year I have already got 31 A6 Bristol Board cards ready to go. This gives 31 little monsters to create and play around with drawing techniques with my fancy new drawing pens.

In 2016 I created a range of monsters for Inktober but followed a similar theme throughout using a pen outline and then shading with pencil. This year I want to attempt a better range of shading techniques while creating something unique.

All 31 drawings can be found below from Inktober 2016:


I’m aiming for this Inktober to be a challenging experience that keeps me on my toes creatively for a month to not reproduce the same style monsters over and over. I also want to use the various shading skills to produce higher quality drawings and have these as part of a collection in a future exhibition or showcase. A majority of my Inktober drawings from 2016 have already been sold at Birmingham Comic Con or have been given as free gifts as part of giveaways.

I hope you follow me on this journey of creative miscreation starting from the 1st of October over on both my Twitter and Instagram

See you soon

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