Inktober 2017 Conclusion

That’s 2017’s Inktober completed! As I said I would, all 31 drawings will be posted here in high res in order of creation. This year was certainly fun and really kept my drawing technique on its toes. I’m really pleased with the outcome and it’s been great to see what all the illustrators online have created. These pens I used for every drawing are beautiful and I certainly want to get myself another set and use them in future work.

All 31 drawings will soon be for sale starting on the 13th of November at a special event that I can soon announce!

1 Inktober2 Inktober3 Inktober4 Inktober5 Inktober6 Inktober7 Inktober8 Inktober9 Inktober10 Inktober11 Inktober12 Inktober13 Inktober14 Inktober15 Inktober16 Inktober17 Inktober18 Inktober19 Inktober20 Inktober21 Inktober22 Inktober23 Inktober24 Inktober25 Inktober26 Inktober27 Inktober28 Inktober29 Inktober30 Inktober31 Inktober

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