Christmas update at Messy Miscreation [Frames and free postage]

Creepy Christmas and Frames

Whether you have been naughty or nice, Messy Miscreation doesn’t discriminate. Creepy Christmas is my way of thanking everyone for all the support this year by removing those pesky shipping costs on ALL prints on the online store.

If you have your eye on a hand painted frame as a gift for Christmas you have until Saturday 9th of December to get an order in for it to arrive before the big day. Since these are unique hand painted pieces they take time to create and as something as special as a Christmas gift I’d prefer them to be perfect.

New stuff coming to the store!

Matilda will also soon be available in A4 limited edition print after the overwhelming affection shown to her at my residency and exhibition at The Horsfall in Manchester. She will be printed on 320gsm card with a gloss finish in a limited edition of 50 which of course is signed and numbered on the reverse.


Hopefully these will arrive just before the holidays but if they don’t the free postage offer on these prints still stands for the time being.

Residency and Exhibition at The Horsfall

For anyone who has been on my social media platforms you may have noticed a sudden barrage of tweets and promotion about being in residency at Manchester’s The Horsfall. I was in the space for three weeks [One being an exhibition] and its fair to say it was a great experience and I’m surely going to miss it.

Once my studio space has returned back to its home and all of the paintings are back in my possession I will do a big blog post on all the exciting creations and events that took place. For those of you who came along and even took away some prints and originals, thank you so much. It’s individuals like you that help support my dreams and get me to better myself.

Onward! To 2018!

I’m hoping to make some changes to the Messy Miscreation site within the next few weeks before we launch into the new year. The portfolio page needs updating along with a few quality of life changes to the navigation and links on the site. I also want to include a listing page where I will have original paintings from past projects that are available but not on the online store with the option to email me directly if you may want to purchase it.

I have a lot of work in my portfolio that has never been exhibited and its a shame to just horde it to myself. I’m also looking to update my print library with some up to date work for the new year.

As for the new year I currently don’t know whats ahead for me or Messy Miscreation and its back to the job search to help support myself. 2017 has been an incredible year for me and its ended really positively and I hope 2018 will only bring bigger things. Thank you once again for your constant support and I look forward to posting about my residency really soon.

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