Feedback from you and moving forward

2018 is here and like most people I have taken some time to sit and down and consider where I’m going. For the past seven months I’ve been looking for part time work to support myself alongside my girlfriend, which has been a struggle. As an autistic adult at the age of 25 with rather specialised experience it has been difficult to find something that fits my requirements.

During these seven months its fair to say Messy Miscreation has been on the back burner while I stitch together my disjointed life and try to balance everything to make it all work. Now that things have come together and I have found part time work its now time to take my platform forward once again. November last year gave me some amazing opportunities that are still in the works of being documented (As I mentioned before, searching for work really took the reigns) but a step away over Christmas gave me a chance to consider the road map ahead.

Since starting Messy Miscreation I have dabbled in a number of different creative pursuits. From blogs about my life as an autistic artist, to advertising new prints in the store and even creative writing its fair to say I have created something somewhat unique and as a consequence it can be hard to manage. Dipping your toe into everything can often spark an idea that will lead to something you have not yet tried but it also means you can lack direction.

This is why I’m looking for feedback on the past work I have done from the platforms birth back in April 2016. I want to pick your brains and ask what it is you want to see more of over the upcoming weeks. My perception of where this is all going will always be different to yours and by collecting your feedback I can begin to refine my ideas and focus in a direction.

Below is a place to leave your feedback, but before you do please take the time to read the sections below highlighting what kind of content has been put out there over the last 2 years. Thank you.


More about the artwork, please!

As an artist that uses unusual materials to create his work I get a lot of questions of people asking how I create my artwork. I have made a few timelapse videos which you can find on my portfolio page but is the process something that people are interested in or do you want to hear more about the meaning behind the work? That leads me to,


Blogs about my life on the spectrum

In 2016 I was officially diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. This changed my perspective of who I am as an individual and these feelings leaked into my artwork which had initially centred around the theme of mental health.  The introduction of this not only changed my artwork but it also enabled me to use my blog as a way to process these new found emotions.

This practice could be considered unprofessional but I have always felt strong about hiding how I feel, especially when the focus of my artwork was about being open about mental health and hiding your feelings. By being open about this subject I not only offered my perspective but shared how I would cope with everyday situations. This personal relationship with my audience allowed me to learn from their experiences and also collaborate with the autistic community in multiple projects. It has also given me plenty of chances to speak at events about my art and life on the spectrum.

If you want to see more of this kind of content please leave your feedback above.


Creative Writing

I have have played around with creative writing pieces to go alongside certain paintings to tell their stories. Each one of my paintings holds a story of where I was in my life at the time of painting them. In April 2017 I created four written extracts to go with some of my original artwork that was around a time where I was struggling. The idea was to give them more to their identity as a painting then just its appearance and name since my work is usually very personal.

This not just a way to communicate my works themes but was a healthy creative outlet for me to let go of some harder times in my life and really reflect how my work has changed since their creation.

I have have already had feedback on these pieces in the past but I have always wondered if this was a process I should highlight again in the future or to leave it as a unique setting to those four paintings.

If the creative writing is something you want to see more, please let me know. Not read the work? Click me


Advertising events and The online store

Even now two years into Messy Miscreation I still struggle with self promoting without feeling like a egotistical fool. When scrolling back through my past blogs there is some promotion for online sales, events and exhibitions but I like to think it has been to a healthy amount.

I don’t feel my artwork or style of content is the sort of thing to connect to a service like Patron where each month supporters send a set amount of money to the creator usually with perks set alongside price milestones. I personally use my online store as a way to continue supporting myself so that I can produce my artwork and other content. Over the course of two years the store has kept itself funded and has even allowed me to continue creating during that time.

I have continued to advertise the work from the store via this site and social media but the question I wanted to ask was if it is coming across as too strong. Let me know.


Live chat and draw

As for the future, one of the ideas I have often played with but still haven’t had the guts to give it a go is to do some sort of livestream via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to bridge the gap with my audience. Is that something you would be interested to see in the future?


This has been a huge post but sometimes it’s good to take a step back and take some feedback to improve and move this platform forwards. I have several projects in the works as we speak over the upcoming weeks and I can’t wait to share them with you all but for now please let me know what you think.

Much love,


Haydn Gardner


If you want to help support me and this platform please go and pick something up over at:




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