Piece of Mind returns for 2018!

That’s right people! In 2017 I came up with this crazy idea that I could raise some money for Mind with a group of artists selling our work online. What’s crazier still is that it actually worked and I gathered together a group of artists selling the work they love to create in the name of mental health awareness.

This year I’m looking to make that a reality once again! I’m making the call in advance for artists who want to get involved this year to sell their art/craft just like last year on an online store, so lets backtrack to past Haydn to tell us about POM.

As many of you may know, mental health means an awful lot me. I’m someone who has battled with his mental state for a majority of his life and I want to help others realise just how important it is. That’s why for this years mental health week I’m dropping a group project called “Piece of Mind” [Or POM for short]

So what is POM?

No, it isn’t that bobble on the top of a woolly hat. PoM is short for Piece of Mind (because everyone likes puns, right?), a charity art sale originally envisioned by the artist Haydn Gardner.

Inspired by the UK’s Mental Health Week, this year Haydn wanted to go beyond his annual blog post. He gathered together a great group of artists who were willing to help him raise some money for the charity “Mind” and made this here online store to sell their artwork.

You’ll be sure to find something you like with the diverse collection of unique artwork, and a percentage of each sale gets donated to charity. This number varies from artist to artist depending on production costs and other such factors. We need to care for our artists too!

The goal is simple. To raise as much money as we can for Mind and spread awareness for mental health while filling the world with beautiful art. Let’s give people some peace of mind.

Mental health awareness week starts on May the 14th 2018 so the store needs to be in place and ready for then. If you want to get involved, please contact us in the box below! Hope to hear from you ❤




Last year we managed to raise £244 for Mind when I had minimal time to plan and promote it. This year lets aim higher!

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