Wait? Where did Piece Of Mind go?

Long story short is my brain can’t handle it currently to balance Piece Of Mind, Moving house and running Messy Miscreation all simultaneously. When I started Piece of Mind last year I had more time to be able to juggle all of the above and I now realise that I’m only on person.

I still want to host this charity art sale but later in the year once I have moved out of my current accommodation within the next two months and have settled and set up in a new one. I was optimistic to think I could still run this on top of everything but it just shows how badly I wanted it to return.

Everyone who has already submitted will get an email to let them know what’s happening in the future but for now I need to concentrate on just getting my life together so that events like this can be a reality.


Thank you for understanding and I really hope you will join me again in the future to try again.


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