Legacy Prints

Times are changing over at Messy Miscreation. The online store has been a steady flow of support for creating more content and the prints over there have been a favorite for everybody. Unfortunately all good things must end and for some of the prints on the store the end is nigh.

The three sets of limited edition A4 prints and the A3 [Chunky Prints] will soon retire from the online store and have been marked proudly as Legacy Prints. These are essentially the last of these editions and have been limited down to finite numbers before eventually leaving completely. These prints include some of the first ever editions on the store and are a nugget of history for Messy Miscreation.

Legacy prints are marked down in price and will be re-labelled on the reverse side accordingly to the final edition. The A4 prints of Percy, Richard, Catherine, Liz, Reggie, Clarence, Samuel and Steve have been reduced to £10 with 10 of each.

The first ever addition to the Messy Miscreation store A3 limited editions of Timothy, Derek, Mary and Harold have been reduced to £15 and to a edition of 20 each.

Once the new stock arrives in the future arrives, these fine additions will no longer be part of the ranges on the online store so if you have your heart set on a print, now is the time to grab it.


Along with this the work from Wellcome Collection will be making its way to the store in the originals section. These original paintings were part of one of my favorite projects to date which you can find the link to here: https://wellcomecollection.org/articles/W1sPdyYAACYAvUuv

You can find the online store by clicking the store tab at the top of the page or jump straight there via: https://store.messymiscreation.com/category/prints

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