Exhibitions in 2016:

  • 12th-16th of December

In December the NAS gave me the opportunity to host a solo Exhibition in Leicester’s 50E Gallery. This was my first solo exhibition where I shared a range of work that included my framed originals and sculptures. The work shared discussed the themes of mental health and life on the autistic spectrum.

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Exhibitions in 2017:

  • 16th-18th of February

In February myself and the artist Ellis Sykes hosted a exhibition at the Asylum Gallery in Wolverhampton where we raised money for the Mind charity. Ellis Sykes work holds similar themes to my own work discussing our relationship with mental health and highlighting its importance.

The shows opening night was hosted on the 10th of February and was a successful night for both of us. We are looking into working together in the future to host future shows of newer work.

Ellis Sykes work can be found at: http://www.ellissykes.com/


  • 16th-27th of February

February the 16th was the opening night of my first exhibition in London where my work was part of the Artistic Spectrum show hosted by Ambitious About Autism. The show had a range of work that was created to people on the autistic spectrum. There was some beautifully detailed landscapes all the way to expressive portrait work the show was a platform to show the talent of artists on the spectrum.

It was an amazing opportunity for me to share my work and has hopefully opened future prospects to host it again. The Artistic Spectrum show comes to a end on the 27th of February.

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  • 8th-20th of April

A range of A3 original paintings have been exhibited in the Artism show in Anglesey, Wales alongside other autistic artists. This the spaces first exhibition since being open to the public and is in place to help artists share their work. The space is in a old school house in a beautiful area of Wales so if you get the chance to attend enjoy the sights.


  • June 6th-7th

During June I was given the opportunity to host my artwork at Focus’s Celebration of Autism event. Not only was my work on show but I also had my first live talk in front of an audience about my work and its connections to autism and mental health.

It was a incredible experience and I met some amazing, influential people that I’m looking forward to working with in the future.