Christmas update at Messy Miscreation [Frames and free postage]

Creepy Christmas and Frames Whether you have been naughty or nice, Messy Miscreation doesn’t discriminate. Creepy Christmas is my way of thanking everyone for all the support this year by removing those pesky shipping costs on ALL prints on the online store. If you have your eye on a hand painted frame as a gift … More Christmas update at Messy Miscreation [Frames and free postage]

Verbal Ammunition: My first artist residency

I’m proud to announce that I will be a three week artist in residency slot over at the Horsfall beside 42nd Street! The Horsfall @ 42nd street hosts Verbal Ammunition: an artist residency and exhibition exploring mental health and life on the autistic by artist Messy Miscreation Artist Haydn Gardner (Messy Miscreation) makes mess. Through his practice … More Verbal Ammunition: My first artist residency

My reflection on Chris Packnam: Asperger’s and Me

I’m not usually one to sit long enough to watch a television program since university but my Dad encouraged me to give Chris Packnam’s documentary a go. I had it on in the background while working and before I knew it I had watched the entire thing and hadn’t completed a single brush stroke on … More My reflection on Chris Packnam: Asperger’s and Me

Inktober 2017!

Last year I discovered a lovely little annual event that artists called Inktober and being an artist who works primarily in ink, I wanted in. For each day of October I posted an A5 drawing which ended up being a mistake because I was working in a very detailed style and would eat up most … More Inktober 2017!

September’s story

He could feel it in the air. Heck, he could even taste it. That familiar ache that travelled around bones like a trapped nerve, persisting and pulsing. An ache that ascended during the day with a nag and a tug. As everything around him began to wilt he could feel himself doing the same. A … More September’s story

What’s my plan?

I recently asked for responses from the autistic online community for a future project about mental health on the spectrum. My original plan was to have this project start up in September and then have it completed and ready to show by October. Since the idea was put into place other opportunities have come up … More What’s my plan?