September’s story

He could feel it in the air. Heck, he could even taste it. That familiar ache that travelled around bones like a trapped nerve, persisting and pulsing. An ache that ascended during the day with a nag and a tug. As everything around him began to wilt he could feel himself doing the same. A … More September’s story

What’s my plan?

I recently asked for responses from the autistic online community for a future project about mental health on the spectrum. My original plan was to have this project start up in September and then have it completed and ready to show by October. Since the idea was put into place other opportunities have come up … More What’s my plan?

“Piece of Mind” the charity art sale in aid of Mind

As many of you may know, mental health means an awful lot me. I’m someone who has battled with his mental state for a majority of his life and I want to help others realise just how important it is. That’s why for this years mental health week I’m dropping a group project called “Piece … More “Piece of Mind” the charity art sale in aid of Mind

Harold’s Story

Sharp metallic tang flowed across his taste buds causing him to grimace, his body numb and sedated. A hole was left where something precious had once sat. The abuse his senses had taken had begun to take their toll on his nerves. Filled with chemicals he continued to work. His mind was throbbing, thoughts erratic. … More Harold’s Story

Mary’s Story

Her eyes glistened with fatigue. It was the third night in a row that she’d been haunted by that voice. Agitated by the thought of being awake for another night, she cocooned herself in her duvet. The voice spoke, this time louder. Her eyes twitched, chasing shadows in the dark room. She spoke to herself: “Nobody’s there, you’re alone.” … More Mary’s Story

Timothy’s Story

He awoke once again, this time head pounding and his chest following the same rhythm. The walls around him pulsated, eyes attempting to focus on his surroundings. Confused by the phantom warmth of the winter night, he reached over to welcome the chilling breath of outside in the hope it would bring him back to his senses. As … More Timothy’s Story