Raising money for the National Autistic Society!

Autism Awareness Week is swiftly approaching and along with a series of blog posts I will be raising money for National Autistic Society through my online art store. The NAS is the leading UK charity for autistic people and do wonderful work for many individuals on the spectrum, including myself. They have given me many … More Raising money for the National Autistic Society!

Artistic Spectrum Exhibition [London in February]

February has been a really hectic month. During these past two weeks I have had my work exhibited at Wolverhampton at the Asylum Gallery alongside the artist Ellis Sykes where we presented our work based upon mental health. This week I brought my work down from Birmingham to London (on the train too) to be … More Artistic Spectrum Exhibition [London in February]

Bright Friday!

Over the pond here in grey England we don’t celebrate thanks giving but over the years we have begun taking the traditions of the sales that follow on Black Friday. Thanks Giving is a time for people to be thankful for what they have which is something us miserable brits don’t do very often. This … More Bright Friday!

World Mental Health Day (My experience with mental health)

As an adult on autistic spectrum, I have experienced a lot of mental health struggles. In fact my artwork is based around our perception of mental health. I paint monsters. They are about  the struggles that many of us experience in our lives. I started using mental health as a theme because I felt strongly … More World Mental Health Day (My experience with mental health)