World Mental Health Day (My experience with mental health)

As an adult on autistic spectrum, I have experienced a lot of mental health struggles. In fact my artwork is based around our perception of mental health. I paint monsters. They are about  the struggles that many of us experience in our lives. I started using mental health as a theme because I felt strongly … More World Mental Health Day (My experience with mental health)

Spotlight Sunday [Liz]

This weeks Spotlight Sunday will be covering the painting known as Liz. This particular painting was created in March 2016 and was one of the first paintings on perspex that transitioned from acetate. Perspex feels completely different to acetate and the ink dries with the colour remaining vivid and strong. The other positive was it … More Spotlight Sunday [Liz]

My humble beginnings

I always knew I wanted to do something creative. At a young age I always sat in the corner of the playground drawing Pokémon into a small sketch book, being somewhat obsessed with the franchise. School was always difficult for me as I couldn’t find the time be creative. The teachers were supportive but they … More My humble beginnings